Effects of a Surgical Receipt Program on the Supply Costs of Five General Surgery Procedures

"Surgical supplies occupy a large portion of health care expenditures but is often under the surgeon’s control. We sought to assess whether an automated, surgeon-directed, cost feedback system can decrease supply expenditures for five common general surgery procedures..."

Surgical Spotlight™ Product Brochure

"The ORHub Surgical Spotlight is a cloud-based data analytics tool that helps Perioperative leadership gain visibility into the key metrics that drive efficiency in the Perioperative lifecycle..."

Spotlight Case Study: Overlapping Surgeries

"Overlapping surgeries, where a surgeon has 2 patients in different operating rooms, is a practice that is currently under scrutiny. Although the practice has been in use for many decades, especially..."

Improving Patient Access with Analytics

Blake Stock presenting to Seattle Science Foundation on how to use perioperative analytics to improve patient access…

First Quarter 2019 Shareholder Update

Join CEO, Colt Melby for an update on ORHub and demonstration given of Surgical Spotlight by Sr Director of Product Management , Blake Stock. If you have any Investment-related questions, please email Jason.Brown@ORHub.com

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